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Big Bang Game

The fastest, easiest and the most rewarding game - BIGBANG is live now! Place a bet, wait for a successful Happy Rocket flight and grab your big win whenever you want! Multiplier range is from 1.00 till infinity. Play now and take the biggest wins with BIGBANG.


Here you'll find comprehensive guide to help you start working with Commgaming as quickly as possible. Commgaming Platform offers a two-way HTTP API with JSON as data format, to implement requests and responses for games, single and multiplayer games and other platform services. The API has simple interface and is designed for easy integration process.

Play Demo For Free

The fastest, easiest and the most rewarding game - BIGBANG is live now! You can play demo for Free.

Game Features

COMMERCIAL GAMING is a software development company that uses a well-balanced set of technology skills to build incredible experiences for your players. Our team delivers authentic gaming experiences and services across PC, mobile. We develop flawlessly-designed, future-ready games which allows you to gain the full benefits of market. Also we offer flexible gaming platform with powerful back-office, game providers. We hope you'll find everything you need here with the amazing things we do.


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